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61 Margarita

Our signature classic margarita

Tradicional reposado, orange liqueur, lime, agave

Make it a cadillac!

Spicy Margarita

The name says it all

Tradicional reposado, cucumber, serrano, lime

Eddie's Trrropical

Tradicional reposado, orange liqueur, mango-hibiscus syrup, strawberry, aloe, lime, agave

Fresa Margarita

Tradicional Reposado, orange liqueur, strawberry-jalapeño syrup, lime, agave

t61º favorites


A spicy Bee's Knees

Port Chilkoot 50 Fathoms gin, lime, jalapeño-infused agave

Smoked Manhattan

Our peaty version of a manhattan

Old Grand Dad bourbon, Carpano, bitters, islay scotch mist


A smoky Sazerac (America's oldest cocktail)

Mezcal Alipus, Ancho Reyes, demerara, orange bitters, peychaud's bitters, absinthe mist


A berry refreshing cocktail

Tito's vodka, blueberry shrub, lime, agave

signature craft cocktails

Any Last Words?

Mezcal Alipus, Green Chartreuse, Ancho Verde, lime, spicy cilantro black lava salt rim

Burning Mezquite'os

Agave flavor with a slight bitterness of artichoke and sweetness of Chinese blend with mesquite on the nose

Tradicional reposado, Mezcal Illegal, Cynar, Chinese 5 blend, mesquite smoke

Last Minute

Simply sweet and tart with hints of basil

Kraken rum, peach liqueur, muddled basil, lemon, Fernet wash

What a Bell

An oaky sweet and spicy blend

Old Grand Dad bourbon, Campari, strawberry-bell pepper honey, lemon, bitters

Alaskan Plane

Port Chilkoot 50 Fathoms gin, Luxardo maraschino, Cassis Noir, butterfly pea tea, lime

Bramble Jam

A bold and refreshingly frothy cocktail

Mezcal Alipus, lemon, simple syrup, egg white, Cassis Noir float

Sneaky Pete

A sweet and smoky campfire flavor

Kraken rum, lapsang syrup, cocchi americano

Spritz in the City

Port Chilkoot 50 Fathoms gin, Campari, simple syrup, champagne

Spoonful of Berries

Tangy berry flavor with a touch of lemon 

Tito's vodka, blackberries, strawberries, lemon, St. Germain, Victoria chai, lemon meringue float


T61º's penicillin

Mezcal Alipus, lemon, ginger, honey, chartreuse, Islay scotch mist



Ginger, lime, club soda

Berry soda

Berry mix, lime, soda

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